By Trevor Baxendale

ISBN-10: 0563405996

ISBN-13: 9780563405993

A physician Who novel that includes the 8th health care professional and Sam. whilst the pair arrive on this planet Janus top, at the fringe of the galaxy, they find a negative weapon hidden in its gleaming sands. If the weapon falls into the fingers of the warring people, it could possibly ruin the galaxy.

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The Doctor was nowhere to be seen. Then she heard the sound of running water, and his voice again, singing a song about leaving hearts in San Francisco. Why would he sing about a city that disappeared into the sea over two centuries ago? ' Julya stood perfectly still. She checked her watch. No, definitely on time. Maybe he was just running a bit late. 'Sorry, I'm just running a bit late,' he said, emerging from the bathroom with just a white towel around his waist. A wisp of steam followed him out.

Scientists. There was an earnest discussion under way concerning the material from which the column was made. One of the scientists seemed to consider it obviously a metal, probably an alloy. Another was convinced it was actually some form of plastic. The Doctor, who had sidled up to the two men so that he might eavesdrop more easily, leaned forward and ran his fingers over the surface of the pillar. It was a burnished silver-blue, hard as rock but warm to the touch. There was not a trace of grime or dust on it.

The irises were grey, so what little you could see of them looked like little chips of ice. The hair above the thick brows was short and black. Look at you, thought Lunder. Some kind of tough guy. Couldn't even save your friend. You'd have been better off staying with Zemler and Moslei, then at least everyone would know which side you were on. The robot nurse finished scanning his arm and transmitted its report to the medical computer. 'Forget it. ' He picked up his vest and pulled it over his head.

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