By Dean R. Koontz

ISBN-10: 042513525X

ISBN-13: 9780425135259

Suggested DOA on the scene of his vehicle coincidence, Hatch Harrison is still revived 80 mins later, in basic terms to find that he has introduced whatever evil with him from the opposite aspect. Reprint. PW. okay.

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Jonas had the crazy urge to tell her to shut up, as though time would halt as long as she was not calling it out, minute by minute. Blood pumped in and out of the bypass machine. " Helga spoke so sternly that she might have been chastising the dead man for the laggardly pace of his reheating. Flat lines on the EKG. Flat lines on the EEG. "Come on," Jonas urged. " 4 He entered the museum of the dead not through one of its upper doors but through the waterless lagoon. In that shallow depression, three gondolas still lay on the cracked concrete.

Or shorter," Jonas said. While Jonas made his decision, Helga rounded the table to Gina's side and, together, they began to study the flesh on the cadaver's left arm, searching for the major vein, just in case Jonas decided to resuscitate. Locating blood vessels in the slack flesh of a corpse was not always easy, since applying a rubber tourniquet would not increase systemic pressure. There was no pressure in the system. "Okay, I'm going to call it," Jonas said. He looked around at Ken, Kari, Helga, and Gnia, giving them one last chance to challenge him.

When the ride had been in operation, the niches had been filled with tableaus meant to amuse or horrify or both: ghosts and goblins, ghouls and monsters, ax-wielding madmen standing over the prostrate bodies of their beheaded victims. In one of the room-sized areas, there had been an elaborate graveyard filled with stalking zombies; in another, a large and convincing flying saucer had disgorged blood-thirsty aliens with a shark's profusion of teeth in their huge heads. The robotic figures had moved, grimaced, reared up, and threatened all passersby with tape-recorded voices, eternally repeating the same brief programmed dramas with the same menacing words and snarls.

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Hideaway by Dean R. Koontz

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