By Eri Banno

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It is a typical textbook for starting jap masking the 4 easy abilities - studying, writing, listening and conversing. Genki I covers classes 1 to twelve. Japanese/English

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1 制|① A : 283-9547 で す ね 。 Ni hachi san no kyuu go yon nana desu ne. B : は い、 Hai, C. そ う で す。 soo desu. Group Work-Use the dialogue above and ask three cl assmates their telephone numbers. telephone number naロle ① に ほんごの か く せい Translate the following phrases into Japanese using の 側 Example: student of the J apanese language → 面 に ほ ん ごの が く せ い nihongo no gakusee 1 . my teacher 2 . my telephone number 3 . my name 4 . Takeshi's major 5 . Mary's friend 6 . student of the University of London 7 .

Refer to the table at the end of this book for a general picture. ぜ ろ O ゼ ロ and れい are both commonly used. 1 い ち , but pronounced as い っ in い っ ぷ ん (one minute) and い っ さ い (one-year old). 2 に all the time. When you are reading out each digit separately , as when you give your phone number, it may be pronounced with a long vowel, as にい. 3 さ ん all the time. The part that follows it may change shape, as in さ ん ぷ ん , instead of さ んふ ん . 4 よ ん is the most basic, but fourth-year student is よ ね んせい and four 0' clock is よ じ .

I'11 go and come back. い っ て ら っ し ゃ " \0 Itterasshai. Please あ り がと う ご ざ い ま す。 go and come back. た だい ま 。 Tadaima. I'm home. お か え り な さ い。 Okaerinasai. Welcome home. い た だ き ま す。 Itadakimasu. Thank you for the meal. (before eating) ごち そ う さ ま 。 Go ch i s oo s ama. Thank you for the meaI. (after eating) は じ め ま し て。 Hajimemash ite. How do you do? どう ぞ よ ろ し く 。 Doozo Nice to meet you. yoroshiku. ①l砂会話 文法編 |表碍ノ ー ト Expresslon Notes おはよう/あ り カ1 と う 砂 Ohayoo is used between friends and family mem­ bers, while ohayoo gozaimasu is used between less intimate acquaintances, similarly with aJなαtoo and arigatoo gozaimasu.

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