By Peter Dodson

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Here are twenty-six dinosaurs as they've got by no means been obvious prior to. Dramatic work and engaging new details offer younger dinosaur fanatics with the newest proof approximately popular dinosaurs resembling Maiasaura, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex, and introduces newly found creatures similar to Quaesitosaurus, Riojasaurus, Xenotarsosaurus, and Zephyrosaurus. working, struggling with, leaping, slashing, nesting, and sleeping--these are the dinosaurs in all their glory.

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At times it may have stood on its rear legs and tail to reach food. Riojasaurus (opposite, below) was a dinosaur with long, thick legs and a small head. But its most interesting feature was its teeth. This plant eater had sharp fangs, just like a meat eater. S tegosaurus had triangular back plates, along with spikes on its tail, which probably served as good protection. For years, scientists have puzzled over the arrangement of the plates on the Stegosaurus’s back. Some think there were two rows of plates.

Many survived after the dinosaurs were gone. Sharks, bony fish, frogs, turtles, crocodiles, lizards, and mammals spread across the earth and thrived. This has led some scientists to think that the extinction of the dinosaurs may have happened more slowly, perhaps due to a change in climate. The climate had been very warm for most of the dinosaurs’ long reign, but started to cool a little toward the end. Perhaps this saved the smaller animals, who could seek refuge or hibernate. And, since water temperature changes far more slowly than air temperature, perhaps this saved the sharks and other marine animals.

Dinosaur families were constantly going extinct. Over that 160-million-year period, the dinosaurs that lived on Earth changed completely 30 times! Herrerasaurus, which lived 225 million years ago, had been extinct for 75 million years before Stegosaurs appeared. And Stegosaurs were extinct for nearly 85 million years before Tyrannosaurs appeared. Tyrannosaurs, along with Triceratops and Edmontosaurs, were among the last dinosaurs on Earth. But in one sense dinosaurs are not extinct at all, because their genetic material lives on in birds.

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