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Another measure of surface intensity is the foot-candle (or foot-candela). This unit, which is the common unit used in America, is derived in the same manner as the lux, however imperial units of feet are used in place of metres. Conversion between lux and foot-candles is not difficult because 44 Closed Circuit Television Source A d B 2xd D C 4xd 3xd If light level at point A = 1lm, then... 5 As an approximation, we can say that one lux = ten foot-candles three feet approximates to one metre and therefore, as a rule of thumb, we can say that one foot-candle = one tenth of one lux or, conversely, one lux = ten foot-candles.

Connectors The most common co-axial cable connectors in CCTV are the BNC (Bayonet–Neil–Concelman), phono (also known as RCA) and SCART (Syndicat des Constructeurs d’Appareils Radio Recepteurs et Televiseurs). Another type of connector that is very effective and robust is the UHF (PL259) type, however this has never really been adopted extensively in CCTV, and tends to be looked upon as something of a nuisance when it does appear because often engineers do not carry replacements, couplers or converters.

The degree of modal distortion per unit length is determined by the Signal transmission 27 construction of the fibre-optic material, and there are a number of cable types available, each having differing characteristics. In order to minimize modal distortion, specially engineered cable must be used, however the manufacturing of these cables is very expensive. ), and therefore the effects of modal distortion are minimal and cheaper cable designs are adequate. 19. Mono mode cable is the most expensive of the three owing to its very small core diameter (typically 5µm) but it offers the greatest transmission distances with minimal distortion.

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