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Achilles achieved many things during the Trojan War, including learning how to rein in his hostility and set his anger aside to do whatever needed to be done at the moment. He honored and avenged his friend Patroclus and proved himself a powerful soldier and leader. He also revealed a capacity for great compassion when he returned Hector’s body. Now, just as his destiny had predicted, the time he had left was short. indd 36 9/18/08 9:37:11 AM “The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships” Helen of Troy, who was so beautiful that she created a decade-long war, was one of the daughters of Zeus.

Book 18, lines 709–714. 8. , Book 19, lines 19–20. 9. , Book 19, lines 74–78. 10. , Book 19, lines 155–56, p. 495. 11. , Book 22, lines 407– 418, p. 553. 12. , Book 24, lines 590– 591, p. 605. 13. Christopher Marlowe, The Tragical History of Dr. com/marlowe/dr-faustus1604/1/ ACHILLES Chapter 2. Seeking Immortality 1. Statius, Achilleid, translated by J. H. html 2. R. shtml Chapter 3. From Disguise to War 1. Homer, The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles (New York: Penguin Books: 1990), Book 9, lines 497–505, p.

Indd 34 9/18/08 9:37:05 AM THE RAGING BATTLE Achilles stared at Hector and said in a rage, “Beg no more, you fawning dog—begging me by my parents! Would to god my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and eat you raw— such agonies you have caused me! Ransom? No man alive could keep the dog-packs off you, not if they haul in ten, twenty times that ransom and pile it here before me and promise fortunes more. . ”11 Hector died, and Achilles tied his corpse behind his chariot and dragged his body around the walls of Troy every day for twelve days.

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