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Recent advancements in linguistic conception have resulted in a big reorientation of study in comparable fields of linguistic inquiry in addition to in linguistics itself. The advancements i've got in brain, seen from the viewpoint of government-binding concept, need to do with the nature­ ization of common Grammar (UG) as a suite of subtheories, every one with its set of significant ideas (perhaps only one precept principal to every subtheory) and parameters (perhaps only one for every precept) in accordance with which a precept can differ among an unmarked ('-') and a marked ('+') para­ metric price (Chomsky, 1985; 1986). for instance, allow us to suppose that there's an X-bar thought in clarification of these good points of word constitution irreducible to different subtheo­ ries of UG. inside of X-bar concept version between languages is then allowed basically with admire to the location the pinnacle of a word occupies in rela t ion to its complemen ts such that the words of a language should be both correct- or left-headed. hence languages will range among being right-headed during this recognize (as in jap word constitution) and being left-headed (as in English word structure). every little thing else in regards to the word constitution of specific languages should be mounted inside X-bar thought itself otherwise it's going to fallout from different subtheories of UG: Case idea; 0-theory, and so on. (Chomsky, 1985:161-62; Chomsky, 1986:2-4; and references pointed out there). Hatters are an analogous in different modules of grammar.

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This discussion will involve isolating relevant linguistic facts concerning the parameter investigated, the head-initial/head-final parameter, and properties of anaphora in natural languages. Second, I will examine UG's role as a theory of acquisition and summarize results of studies investigating the manner in which Ll learners, in acquiring grammatical anaphora, consult properties of structural configuration determined by the head-initial/head-final parameter. This discussion is central to the third and final step, in which I propose an alternative theory of L2 acquisition within a UG framework.

1. UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR Universal Grammar is both a theory of properties of grammars and a theory of the initial biological endowment for language. It seeks to explain the rapid and uniform development of language despite limited and often degenerate experience and at the same time to explain the "richness and complexity of the system of grammar for human language" (Chomsky, 1981:234). Given its dual nature, UG must meet two conditions: It must be compatible with the diversity of existing (indeed, possible) grammars .

Ee also argues that L1 experience is to be used as "an organizing strategy" in code switching or the acquisition of some aspects of phonology, for example. But the theory adequately explains neither what these organizing principles are nor how the L1 is actually integrated into them. Linguistically , Dulay and Burt develop the ee theory within a transformational generative framework. That is, they refer to the innate mechanisms that are supposed to guide L1 and L2 acquisition as universals. Upon closer examination, however, Dulay and Burt's universals do not correspond to universal principles hypothesized within current linguistic theory.

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