By Sri Sadhu Om, Michael James

ISBN-10: 1888599219

ISBN-13: 9781888599213

After Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi left the physique in 1950, a lot of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees got here to acknowledge Swami Sadhu Om, the writer of this publication, not just as one of many leading disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi, but additionally as an individual with the infrequent reward of explaining Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings in a simple, transparent and easy demeanour that may be simply understood and in addition simply practiced via all honest seekers of real Self-knowledge.Thus lots of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees started to process Sri Sadhu Om looking explanation of all features of Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings. This additionally integrated between different issues the correct use of the tactic of Self-inquiry in one's practice.This e-book is ready The Essence of non secular perform. This booklet is stuffed with recommendation, assistance and tips in the direction of the way to make your religious perform, particularly the perform of Self-inquiry, Self-awareness and Self-attention extra effective.Sri Sadhu Om spent 5 years within the corporation of Sri Ramana Maharshi and many years within the corporation of Sri Muruganar.

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If one achieves success 46 A Light on the Teaching of Ramana Maharshi in this sadhana, then there will be no more birth or death. 152. In order not to experience either birth or death, let us arrive at the exalted practice (sadhana) of abiding in the natural state, which is devoid of thinking and forgetting. If we learn correctly how to abide thus, then for what reason will we take birth or die? The art of abiding without doubt in the state of Self is alone worthy for us to learn. 28. The Transcendent Nature of Self 153.

This vast world, God, souls, bondage and liberation all appear to exist only in the waking and dream states, in which thoughts exist; but do they exist in sleep, which is devoid of thoughts? Similarly, they do not exist in the state of Self-knowledge (turiya). ” they will cease to exist. 154. Since they are known only when thoughts exist, and since they do not shine when one abides firmly in Self, the creator of the soul, God and world is only the mind, which is the aggregate of all thoughts. Is this creation a work done by Self?

To be able to affirm thus, who was that “you” who existed in sleep? Tell me. 123. Your ability to affirm all the three experiences mentioned above shows not only that you existed in sleep, but also that you knew these experiences there, does it not? This existence-knowledge, The Essence of Spiritual Practice 39 which existed and was known in sleep, is indeed the peerless existence-consciousness (sat-chit), your own state, and the real nature of self. 124. In sleep, in which you existed solitarily as the mere existence-consciousness (sat-chit), you were the experiencer of sublime happiness devoid of even a single petty misery, even though you were separated from all the possessions and all the objects which you seek in the waking state for happiness, were you not?

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