By Lucy Monroe

ISBN-10: 1426810598

ISBN-13: 9781426810596

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She was still breast-feeding Theo, or had been, but her milk had stopped producing and she’d gone to her doctor to find out why. She’d been dumbfounded to discover she was pregnant again so soon after the birth of her first child. Theo was only nine months old. Even if it had been a planned event, she would have hesitated to impart news of her pregnancy to her mother-in-law when there was a chance it would end in grief. Her heart contracted at the thought and she sent yet another desperate prayer heavenward.

Surely you shouldn’t be skipping meals. ” “I am fine. ” Her frighten Kassandra? Not in this lifetime. ” Eden mocked. “Maybe I do. ” His tone said he didn’t see how she could cajole him into anything. She’d been married to him for sixteen months and raising his son, who was very much like him, for nine of those months. He might not remember her, but she wasn’t so handicapped. A woman who cared could learn an awful lot about her husband in that amount of time, and Eden cared…a lot. She slipped her coat off and laid it over the chair beside the bed before taking the place Kassandra had vacated.

She stared. ” His smile grew to such sexy proportions, she was in danger of melting in a puddle at his feet. ” As soon as she blurted the words, she blushed so hotly she felt like her cheeks were on fire. She couldn’t have been more gauche if she’d tried. He didn’t seem to notice. In fact, he was shaking his head, his eyes speaking messages she had to be misinterpreting. ” “No. ” This made him laugh. ” “Whereas you are embarrassingly so,” she muttered, not at all sure how to take this man’s attitude.

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