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As an grownup i wished to extend my vocabulary and this has been a good e-book for that target. i might definately reccomend.

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The judge granted Mason a ________ when another man confessed to the crime. 120. The worst ________ (s) are often those who appear to lead normal, law-abiding lives. 47 501 Vocabulary Questions Answers 101. To commit perjury is to deliberately give false, misleading, or incomplete testimony while under oath. 102. Collusion is a conspiracy; a secret agreement between two or more people for a fraudulent purpose. 103. Malfeasance is misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official. 104. A peccadillo is a small sin or fault; a trivial offense.

C. d. a soldier in combat a young child in a playground the mother of a very sick child a surgeon during an operation 52. petulant a. someone who throws a tantrum because his or her soup was not warm enough b. someone who is going on an important job interview c. someone who needs to earn a little extra money d. someone who doesn’t like being with other people 23 501 Vocabulary Questions 53. puerile a. b. c. d. an infant a ten year old who has never been given responsibility a thirty-four year old with too much responsibility an elderly woman 54.

Members of the opposing team were trying to daunt the home team by yelling loudly and beating their chests. deign (dayn) v. to condescend; to unwillingly do something thought to be beneath one’s dignity; to lower oneself. Salvatore deigned to accept money from his father to pay his rent; he had been unemployed for two months. dross (draws) n. 1. waste product, sludge. 2. something worthless, commonplace, or trivial. Work crews immediately began the task of cleaning the dross at the abandoned plastics factory.

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